From Dreams and a Vision...
to Reality.

While exploring this beautiful, pristine land, with
its gently rolling fields and wooded hillsides...visions of a truly unique and extraordinary community began to formulate.

Another gorgeous sunrise from a hillside overlooking Lake Troy Douglas at McLendon HillsStreams traversing the property and fed by a myriad of natural ridgelines throughout were perfect for the formation of a lake, and the gently rolling hillsides leading to those ridgelines would offer wonderful visual and stylistic opportunities for estates of many sizes and shapes to surround the lake. But there was something else very special about this land. With growing interest in equestrian activities in Moore County, there was a realization that this property was a natural candidate for an equestrian community with the option of boarding at an on-site state-of-the-art equestrian facility, or even having one's own stable an a lot designed as a 3-5 acre minifarm.

Two of our curious local equine residents, Rick and Socks peer over a fence on a warm summer afternoonThus was born the concept of a combination lake & equestrian community which would offer its residents an environment and collection of amenities truly unsurpassed anywhere in the region. Then, in 1997, dreams became reality, and as the newly constructed 80-acre lake was reaching its filled capacity the first phase of lots became available for sale.

Today, with its approximately 230 planned homesites, McLendon Hills has flourished in its appeal to both water and horse-lovers alike...and especially to those who appreciate lots of elbowroom, where expansive lots easily allow for such personal amenities as private gardens, detached workshops, or even (on mini-farms) small stables. For the community as a whole, over A dock on our lake is a wonderful place to sit, especially during the fall at McLendon Hills 8 miles of bridle trails traverse and surround the community, and a 2-mile paved walking trail completely encircles the lake. Additionally, a boat ramp and large dock (for fishing, or just simply gazing) are in place, as well as our wonderful, new Lakeside Pavillion! All in all, our residents live a comfortable modern country lifestyle with a short drive to great restaurants, super shopping, wonderful sports activities and excellent health care providers. New phases are now open, offering even more exceptional and unique homesites! As always, you are invited and encouraged to visit our community and get to know why so many call McLendon Hills their home.

McLendon Hills is located on Highway 211, just 10 miles from Pinehurst and 2 miles west of Seven Lakes. Call (910) 673-4951 or visit our Request Information/Contact Us page.