There's Just Something About
a Lake....

Boating…swimming…fishing…or just the closeness of nature itself. Lake Troy Douglas is truly the focal point of our community, offering boundless opportunities for these and so much more!

An aerial view overlooking the beautiful lake "Troy Dougla" at McLendon HillsPresiding over the placid waters of the 80-acre Lake Troy Douglas is a 70-foot high, 1,500-foot long dam - a product of state-of-the-art design and engineering representing innumerable hours of planning and years of hard work to ensure it be the very best. Overall construction of both the dam and the ground over which the lake would rest was completed in July of 2000. Impounding of water began the following month and within 2-1/2 years the lake was filled to capacity. Now, with over 300,000 cubic yards of earth holding back the waters of several springs that form the headwaters of the McLendon Basin, the result is a body of water that is at once both extraordinarily beautiful and ecologically sound. It preserves the intended pristine nature of our community, and yet offers an environment featuring countless recreational opportunities for residents and their guests.

Our beautiful lake features...
One of our residents aboard his boat shows off an early morning catch A group of McLendon Hills residents enjoys an afternoon cruise around lake "Troy Douglas" Sunrise from a dock over a placid early morning lake "Troy Douglas" at McLendon Hills
  • FISHING - The lake is stocked with a variety of fish for the best fishing in the area.

  • BOATING - Canoe, kayak, sail, and boat. Non-gasoline powered boats are permitted. Electric motors are also permitted.

  • SWIMMING - The cool water and sandy beach provide the perfect place for swimming, sunning, and just plain relaxing.

  • VIEWING NATURE - Lake Troy Douglas is the perfect place to view and enjoy local wildlife, such as cranes, ducks, deer, and other birds and animals, in a peaceful and natural habitat.